About Us

Aids for Living Life to the Full after 60Aids for Living is a blog centered around getting more out of life after 60. Having turned 60 I’ve found that my body doesn’t heal quite so quickly, I certainly can’t run as fast and opportunities that were once quite feasible are not quite so attractive anymore.

Whilst there is nothing to stop me going back to university to study law which I am very confident I could pass, it would likely not be so easy to get a position as an apprentice to enable me to practice and set up my own law firm for example. It certainly would not be impossible, but there is not the value of 40 years of professional employment to follow setting up such a firm and so the benefit of doing so is much reduced compared to that potential at age 25 say.

There are other things that can be achieved though, and these are different for every person. Some may want to travel the world, others seek peaceful places to ponder philosophy and yet others stay involved in business in one way or another. There will be those who want to invest, those who want to read, those that want to socialise and those who want to cook.

I hope we can explore some ways to do all those things as well as consider safety and look at how technology can let us have the lives we want. Society cheats us with promises of golden years after giving a lifetime of work and service and then does all it can to continue to take as much as it can grab from us as if nature is not already busy enough.

I hope the posts in this blog can help and serve all those who come to visit. And I hope those who do will excuse the fact that I may make a few pennies here and there from items I may suggest.

My promise to you is that I will never promote anything I do not believe in, nor anything that I have not taken the time to research properly where I have not actually purchased the particular product for myself.