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Elderly Safety Shower Enclosure

9 Ways to Maximize the Shower Safety for the Elderly

We all know that the bathroom, and more specifically the shower, is where a lot of accidents happen when it comes to people of an older age, so shower safety for the elderly is an important topic.  Did you know ...
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Kitchen Safey for the Elderly

8 Types of Safe Cooking Appliances for the Elderly

The kitchen plays a big part in our lives, especially for those who love to cook. It is a place where you get to create good memories, but it can also be quite unsafe. You’ve probably noticed that some electrical ...
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House on fire

Do Electric Hobs Turn Off Automatically?

Cooking is a big part of our lives. Personally, I spend hours and hours every week preparing meals for the family. A shared job in my house! Although I thoroughly enjoy the cooking process, I can’t stop from thinking about ...
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Portable Shower

What is the Best Portable Shower for the Elderly or Disabled?

I woke up this morning and as usual went off for my refreshing, morning shower. As the lukewarm water woke me up gently, my thoughts turned to a time when I was hospitalized, spending many days in bed.  The nearest ...
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Different types of modern walking aids

Best Walking Aids for The Elderly

Why do we need mobility aids? Walking aids for the elderly are hugely important because they remove the worry of falling which encourages seniors to walk. Walking is a fantastic exercise to keep the blood circulating and to improve the ...
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Kohler Walk in Bathtub

9 Tips to Make a Bathroom Safer for Elderly Persons

Did you know that every 11 seconds an elderly adult is admitted into urgent care based on a fall-related emergency. Every 19 minutes a senior citizen dies from a fall. It turns out the bathroom is the most common place ...
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